Keeping it REAL

One thing I pride myself on it my committment to keeping it real - in everything.

I know some people like to look at only the positives in life, but I like to see things for what they are in real time. So bear with me as I like to talk about what I learn while become not just a good realtor, but a great one. 

This past weekend has really taken me for a ride. I had a rough experience, then two amazing experiences, then another rough one. But what I can take away from each of these experience is the ability to learn and grow. 

Yes, even at 50, I am still learning and growing.

I thought I would have had it all figured out by now, but if this week has been anything, it has been an opportunity for the universe to smack me off my high horse and teach me to refocus. 

One lesson I learned is to be able to gague client expectations. I should not assume anything and think that my expectations are the same as theirs. Every client is different and has different motivations and expectations - one size does not fit all. So the lesson here is how to manage those expectations. 

Another lesson is that time is truly of the essense. I normally do not like to leave balls in my court. However, there was one ball sitting there for a tad too long and I got called to task on it. Lesson learned - even if I am having a bad day and need a mental break, my clients' needs should ALWAYS be addressed. 

While I process these lessons, I will learn from them and hopefully not make the same mistakes twice. 

On the positive side, I did get two houses under contract. A pat on my back for that. 

While I learn to relax and allow the universe to give me as much as I can handle, I hope it takes it easy on my for a couple days. Just a couple. 

Until next time, 


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